Contact: 07814 642212 | [email protected]

Initial consultation

prior to any further therapy, 1hr

to clarify the issues to work on and decide on further therapy

Terms and conditions, a privacy statement and the intake form can be provided prior to the appointment.

Fees: £50/hr in Dartford; £60/hr in Blackheath. Free relaxation audio included. Book now


6-12 weekly sessions, 1hr each

to understand the causes of your distress to regain your sense of control

You will engage in integrative therapy at the pace that suits you best and in the ways that work for you.

Fees: £50/hr in Dartford; £60/hr in Blackheath. Free support by phone included.


3 monthly sessions required, 2hrs each

to resolve what's keeping you stuck so that you can enjoy life

You will be provided with a bespoke hypnosis audio right after the session; it is important that you listen to it daily for 3 weeks as part of the therapy.

Fees: £50/hr in Dartford; £60/hr in Blackheath. Free audio and support by phone /e-mail between the sessions included.

Therapy via Skype

following initial consultation, psychotherapy only

at the comfort of your safe space and convenient time

You will be provided with follow-up e-mails after each session so that you can build on the key points and insights going forward. Free audios as part of the therapeutic process.

Fee: £60/hr. Free relaxation audio included.

Relationship counselling for 2

6-12 weekly sessions

Mother & Daughter, Father & Son, Siblings, Friends

Couples counselling

8-12 weekly sessions

any orientation, civil status or situation

Low cost services

Available upon request. Priority to GP and Psychiatrist referrals.