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Customer Testimonials

I needed to seek open ended, face-to-face therapy for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and came across, Jolanta. Her support and extensive knowledge has enabled me to finally blossom into the person I was meant to be. Following our sessions, I have made pivotal changes in my personal relationships, dealing with BPD symptoms, and self esteem problems. Following her advice, I saw a new psychiatrist and have reaped the benefits of this too.

I am so grateful for Jolanta's therapy, it has truly changed my life for the better.

BG, psychotherapy integrating DBT and MBT

Therapy with Jolanta has given me a greater inner confidence, helping me to recognise and value my own thoughts and therefore helping me to cope with situations that may have overwhelmed me before.

LW, online (psychotherapy)

I’ve had more interest in being fit and active too and felt happy with a bit of hunger and not have to sate it immediately or over eat to satisfy that.

So it all feels very positive. I feel more in control, without having to fight anything, which is fantastic to not have that stress.

JC, online (hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

I have to say, strange as it may sound, that I enjoyed the journey and experiencing the changes that took place. You have changed my life and put me on a much better path. For the first time in many many years I am feeling positive and happier than I can remember.

I am truly grateful to you for the excellent work you did. 

MJ, online (hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

I saw Jolanta to help get out of a rut I was stuck in. I felt trapped in inertia with thought patterns which were inconducive to forming a more productive and positive outlook. Jolanta was immediately understanding and able to give me the push and perspective I was lacking.

AS, Blackheath (hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

I would like to write a review on Jolanta as felt she was incredibly supportive. I saw her for both Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy over nine hours in total. I always felt very safe, comfortable and clear minded during her sessions. She made me explore myself in a way I'd not before and understand why I have certain thoughts and why they are no longer relevant to my positive life I'm now striving for.

She made therapy so personal, providing me with two separate recordings to listen to and which I still listen to which build me up during difficult times. Her gentle voice is very reassuring. She also went above and beyond engaging with me inbetween sessions on both the phone and via email and also suggesting other self help websites and organisations that can help me inbetween sessions.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs support or having difficulties in life which need resolving. I feel a lot better since seeing her.

LW, Dartford (6 sessions: hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

Jolanta was referred to me by my previous therapist and I cannot thank her enough for all her help. The work she has been doing with me is nothing short of transformational. She is very professional and you will feel at ease to talk about private and personal matters. She will challenge your preconceived opinions you may held about the life and yourself in a manner that will get you thinking. She will help you to identify events in your life that affected your behaviour and the way how you see yourself. You will process it together and remove it from your life for good. She is there all the way to guide you.

MP, Dartford (6 sessions: hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

I am doing well and lost more weight. Feeling in control, listening to your beautiful hypnotherapy recording. I am letting go and now focusing on what matters to me, only important things. I am so grateful for meeting you; your support is coming at the right time.

Thanks so much and I recommend you always.

NE, Blackheath (4 sessions: hypnotherapy & psychotherapy)

Jolanta immediately made me feel like I was chatting to a friend. She steered my thoughts to empower me to discover the source of my problems. In just a few sessions I learnt many things about myself that had just never occurred to me before. I would definitely recommend Jolanta and Rapid Transformational Therapy for anybody wishing to change or enhance their life.

PH, Dartford (4 sessions: psychotherapy & hypnotherapy)

Being true to myself and having to admit that I needed support to deal with my mental health issues was my biggest challenge but working with Jolanta from Ifield was pivotal for my personal mental health improvements. Working with a therapist that connects with your is crucial and her hypnotherapy sessions have been of great benefit to me and is gradually helping me finding my true self and regain my confidence. For me it was a wake-up call being pushed to the edge and realise it was time to stop up, reflect, and change direction. This journey would not have been possible without the support of Jolanta and the tools she provided enabling you take control and manage your life.

TP, Blackheath (psychotherapy inc. hypnosis)

I had 8 sessions of psycho/hypnotherapy followed by one long hypnotherapy session with Jolanta in the first part of 2018. It has been the most effective therapy I have ever experienced, and has had a deep, ongoing and lasting effect. There was an immediate difference as soon as the therapy was over, and during the three weeks of listening to the recording daily. But as the months have passed since then, and despite the challenges that life throws up from time to time, I can feel that something has truly changed in me, for the better. I feel so much more positive and happy. I could not have hoped for more. Not only is Jolanta an effective therapist, she is warm and caring, and this makes the therapy so much easier. I can’t recommend Jolanta highly enough - in fact I’ve recommended her to several friends! All I can do is say thank you, Jolanta. It has changed my life.

CS, Blackheath (psychotherapy inc. hypnosis)

'Thank you for all your support. Our therapy has opened the world in me that I didn't know was possible. Our sessions have been one of the things that I enjoyed the most at a turning point of my life.

VB, Dartford (psychotherapy)

This was my first experience of RTT and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has helped me to regain a sense of control over my life, better sleep, and a more positive outlook. The personalised recordings I received are extremely helpful reminders of everything that I realised during my sessions and I still listen to them. Jolanta is extremely approachable, warm, and trustworthy and she immediately put me at ease. There was a plan of action from the beginning which was also very reassuring. My sessions with Jolanta have really helped me to get my confidence and energy back after a difficult period and I would recommend anyone to see her.

SE, Blackheath (4 sessions inc. hypnosis)

I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Jolanta for weight loss. It was a gradual process but what I realised was that my head was no longer in charge and I was only eating when I really needed to according to my stomach. This feels like a permanent change as it’s not a diet. It’s normal. I don’t have to restrict my eating or deprive myself. I have yo yo dieted for years always putting more weight back on than I lost. I feel this is now a thing of the past. I can’t thank Jolanta enough. She is so supportive and helpful.

JG, Dartford (2 hypnotherapy sessions for weight issues)

Thank you so much for your caring, professional help. I feel 'lighter' already, and know this will get better and better.

Sent with deep gratitude.

JM, Dartford (1 hypnotherapy session for anxiety)

After one week I've noticed a difference in my mindset, I feel much more in control and powerful...

CB, Dartford (1 hypnotherapy session for intimate issues)

I'm doing very well and still not smoking. again barely thinking of it. Got back into my exercise and can feel the difference with my cardio so my lungs must be getting clearer. So thank you again, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough!!!

RK, Blackheath (1 hypnotherapy session for stopping smoking after 15 years)

Now I worry less and take things easier than before. It is not that I became a completely different person over those few weeks, but I am definitely changing gradually. I like the sense of acceptance and ability to control my emotions. In general, I am glad that I decided to try the therapy. I think, it was the best possible solution in my situation. Thank you very much once again.

ES, City of London (2 hypnotherapy sessions for extreme anxiety)

I’m extremely happy with the results of course but even more so with how I felt about going into those auditions and my mindset!

AO, Blackheath (1 session of hypnotherapy for performance anxiety)

I have not had any symptoms of depression - anxiety, fits of temper, that sort of thing at all and I am extremely positive about the future. I continue to listen to the recording; for me, about once a month seems about right at the moment - just a reminder of all the things we worked through. I am so happy and grateful for what you have done for me!

AS, Dartford (follow-up after 3 months; one-session treatment of depression)

After a lot of research regarding the benefits of hypnosis, I arranged a session with Jolanta to address my anxiety. It has been an extremely positive experience. She immediately made me feel comfortable when we met and provided an exceptional level of understanding and support both throughout and after our session. While the full potential of the skillsets she helped me develop my confidence which will likely become even stronger over time, my ability to manage my anxiety improved almost immediately after our session. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy with Jolanta to anyone who is ready to address a personal challenge.

SD, City of London (follow-up after 1 month; one-session treatment of anxiety)

I've just noticed that what I was so desperate about, doesn't bother me at all now... I was also afraid of the dark all my life, but now, I am quite looking forward to the evening.

MH, Blackheath, London (RTT with psychotherapy treatment of complex issues; depression, traumas, fears)

I had a long established habit of eating sweets and sugary foods daily. A few weeks after working with Jolanta I could easily stop myself from buying chocolate or reaching for the biscuit tin. Now it doesn't even cross my mind I'm not interested in sugary food and refuse puddings and cakes because I genuinely don't want them. I'm loosing weight, feeling fitter and have become a different person. I'm prioritising exercise more, feel happier healthier and more energetic. My self-esteem seems higher. I've been decisive about what I want on several occasions and taken myself by surprise.

JD, Blackheath, London (follow-up after 2 months; one-session treatment of sugar addiction, 6 psychotherapy sessions for resentment and self-esteem)

Jolanta is warm, kind, very supportive and extremely insightful... Jolanta's mix of traditional talking therapy and hypnosis works really well for me. I am going through lots of changes in my life at the moment (some quite challenging) and it's very comforting to know that I can talk to Jolanta about my issues. I think she is an excellent therapist and I would not hesitate recommend her.

VMB, Blackheath, London (confidence, self-esteem)

Thank you again for all your help and thanks to you I'm feeling so much more positive about life and more confident in my abilities.

MAS, Blackheath, London (self-esteem, sleep, relationships)

I'm very excited about what I'm going to present. I'm positive that I can do an amazing job.

SS, Central London (public speaking)

I've worked out a method to switch the craving off. And with every time it's easier.

DL, Blackheath, London (stopping smoking)

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